When scrolling through YouTube I have found a channel that has changed my whole way of bullet journaling. I watched the Video from the channel reflect with Raksha, were she set up her bullet journal for September. It was quite interesting to see that the spread of the simple things list didn’t any big layout or design. I loved it very much and it was special because I haven’t seen this before. Here you can find the video:

September plan with me.

My topic was simplicity and it fitted so good into my plan to publish simple designs this month. How does a simple things list look like?

My first simple things list

You may think now, why this is so special to me. There is a simple reason. I reached the floor with my bullet journal again. It is so hard to create layouts day by day and completely forget the reason why you’ve started this whole story. It was not because I wanted to be an influencer on instagram. It was because I noticed that bullet journaling changed my whole live and I wanted to show other people that they could expect the same if they just try out.

Then I started only to produce layouts like a machine and completely forgot myself by just thinking about what helps other people. And then there was it, this simple things list, created by Raksha in her YouTube Video.

I noticed, that I have to concentrate on my own, that I need to be more attentive and think about what helps me most. That was not so easy. Being a bullet journalist doesn’t mean, that you have to produce for others. I can only help other people to understand what bullet journaling means. It is so important to share with others what you love, but not to forget yourself to help others.

The concept behind the bullet journaling never has been to be active on Instagram. It was about developing your personality, to order your life and how Ryder Caroll says, to be the captain on your own boat of life. That is what I’ve lost. I was only the captain on other people’s boat.

So I decided to include the simple things list every week in my bullet and share it with my community on Instagram. And as I claimed in the header, I am now used to be more concentrated and focused in my daily life. It is not more nescessary to rush through the day, because I take my time to slow down and do some things more mindful. I will show by telling a story from a day in the last weeks.

When I am at school, it happenes very often, that I am overwhelmed, because my collegues are to loud and their jokes are not on my level. Then I leave the room if possible to make a tea and enjoy it. It helps me to think about something positive. That is my moment of silence. And that moment of silence helps me to ignore my surrounding.

That is only one example how the simple things list changed my way of living. It made me more reflected, more silent and also more aware of the little things that I have around me. It is useful to use some time everyday to scope the surrounding and slow down.

The simple things list will be one post every week on my Instagram and you can also find pictures on my page here under the register with the title simple things list.

I hope that would give you some Inspiration to see, what simple things could be. It is not so easy in this time to focus on the right things that help you staying focused. There is so much around us, the time is limited that we we have to concentrate on ourselves. In our daily business there are so often situations where we are just working while we are working. There the simple things list also could help to take the me-time to slow down.

The process of writing the list is also a time to slow down. I always make it on Sunday in the evening, when I am planning my week in my bullet journal. But you have to be aware of, that my simple things are Maybe not your simple things. It is just an Inspiration for you, as Raksha inspired me to Change my mindset and Focus on slowing down and giving myself time to Focus.

So thank you if you have read this article until the end. Have a nice day and tell me in your comments here or under the Picture on Instagram how you like the idea.


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