Stefan x Madlen: “Your life in one word? – Love.”

Inspiration: Stefan x Madlen

Some people break your heart and some fix it. And for some people, you are not able to find any words. This article is about books, quotes, learning, working out loud and inspiration.

Stefan and I met in the context of “Working out loud” and we met more than one time before we decided to meet up for this podcast interview. The method of WOL allows you to collaborate with other people. It is not like a 12 weeks project that has a beginning and an ending. It is more.

What inspiration is all about

It is something that leads you to get to know new people, to create new projects and to lead yourself on new ways.

Some things we understand above the neck and some below. Some need time to be understood.

We talked about learning and what it means to be a servant leader. You can learn in every moment of your life. It doesn’t matter if it is by listening to a soundbite of a podcast, by reading a book or through conversations. Learning means so much and it has so many elements. You can also learn by observing your thought.

Inspiration by reading

You can read a book. But that is not all. Stefan told me, that he loves paper books because he can use his hands and mark the important phrases to collect them. I do the same by writing down important sentences from the books I read in my bullet journal. No matter how you reflect on reading, it is not only a source of knowledge and inspiration. It opens up your mind to a new point of view and enriches your life.

Inspire others by leading them

If you lead a team, you need to stay in constant dialogue and give people the security that they can always talk to you. That helps them to grow. You also should focus on the individual. Stefan told me, that there is no “one-size-fits-all-approach”. If you think about hiring a team for your business, you should hire the best person you can find to prepare them for their next role. By helping other people growing, you can grow yourself.

These are only some of the learnings of the episode. There were many more. Do you want a sneak peek?

©️ Madlen Peilke und Stefan Nemecek, Erfurt, Mai 2022.

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Now I wish you a wonderful day, midday, afternoon, evening or night, whenever you read this article.

Bye and Shalom,

Yours Madlen

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