Narratives and beliefs: Episode 2

beliefs and narratives -Episode 2

Do you also have beliefs that prevent you from growing? Stefan and Madlen spoke some of their narratives and beliefs in that episode. But before you listen to it, you can read the main learnings from that episode in that article.

Some of our beliefs

  • “I am not enough.”
  • “I am guilty.”
  • “I could have done it better.”
  • “I am too much.”
  • “Everyone hates me.”

Do you know these? Do you have different ones?

No matter which ones you have, they influence your life.

©️ Madlen Peilke und Stefan Nemecek, Erfurt, Juni 2022.

Here you can see the sketch note with the most important facts of the episode. It was not just a normal record. We were digging very deep into Madlen’s past – her early childhood.

We double-clicked on two statements, that are completely contrary at the first glance.

What does double-click mean?

We really went into the deep with our stories. It was a very emotional record for both of us. You can also hear it when you listen to that episode. We took more than half an hour to dig deeper, which led us to our beliefs. Sometimes we searched for the right words, took time to think about them, and pondered over our way with our beliefs.

Do you want to listen to a soundbite of our 2nd episode?

You can do so:

Are you now keen on the full episode?

You can listen to it here:

If you want to know, who we are, you can look it up here:

If you want to listen to the episode now, take your favorite drink, lean back and enjoy some time with our talk about narratives and beliefs.

We are far from generalizing and we hope, that you find something that helps you to deal with your beliefs.

But now:

Happy listening.

Stefan x Madlen

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