The Journey to the attitude of gratitude: Episode 1

Episode 1: The journey to the attitude of gratitude

Living a life of gratitude is something really desirable. But is that so easy? In the first episode of the podcast (no) routines Stefan and Madlen talked about the attitude of gratitude. They also told their story of how they developed that practice. This is, what Episode 1 is all about.

The episode started with a quote:

There is a feeling that is very quick to generate and that overrides all negative thoughts. This feeling is gratitude. Feel this gratitude very precisely. You cannot be grateful and frustrated at the same time.

Joschka Breitner in “Mindful Murder” by Karsten Dusse

The background of episode 1

Everyone of us is carrying his or her own bag pack. We all have different experiences in life and we all have different things to deal with. It doesn’t make sense to copy anything from anybody else. We just told you about our journeys to a grateful life. We figured out, that being grateful is a journey. And a gratitude journal could help. You can call it however you want. There are many ways to reach a grateful life.

Some things we included in our practice

Maybe your journey to a grateful life has already started. Maybe you use a gratitude journal or have something to write down the things you are grateful for. We focussed on some rituals we include in our daily life. There are many possibilities, our daily life offer, to practice gratitude – three things you are grateful for or feeling the warmth of a cup of tea. But that is just one step on our journey to a grateful life.

What episode 1 is all about

We tried to visualize the main points of episode 1 in a sketch note. Off we go:

Episode 1: The journey to the attitude of gratitude.
©️ Stefan Nemecek und Madlen Peilke, (no) routines, Erfurt, Mai 2022.

The bag pack, a cup of tea, and the connection between heart and mind – were all parts of our talk about our journey to a grateful life. Some journeys start earlier, some may later. Everything is possible. There is no reason to wait for the right weather – now would be a great time.

If you want to know more about us, you can find it here:

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Happy listening,

Stefan x Madlen

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