Joy: Episode 6

Joy is a big word. In this episode we’ve talked on the attitude of joy, the connection and the difference to gratitude.

Do you want to have a first overview on the episode on joy?

In the sketch note you can find all the details on the episode in the first view. We hope, you love our new style of sketch notes, which we have changed in the last weeks with episode 5.

Here you can listen to episode 5 on the topic of patience:

Sketch note on episode 6 on joy with the details of the episode.
©️ Stefan Nemecek and Madlen Peilke, (no) routines, Erfurt, Germany, March 2023.

Joy is a deep topic and we asked ourselves a lot of important questions. We are far from generalizations. What is helping us, mustn’t help you. We are hoping that the episode could help you to get an idea, what joy means for us and how we reflect on this.

Do you want to listen to the episode?

Here you can do so to find out more about the topic and meaning of joy.

After episode 6 is before episode 7. In that episode we spoke about calmness. So stay tuned and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe our podcast. We are grateful for everyone listening to us. If there are any questions or ideas on topics we can reflect on in one of our next episodes, don’t hesitate to write a mail to We are happy to hear from you.

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Stefan and Madlen

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