Love: Episode 4

Love is such a big word. In our fourth episode, we spoke about this big topic, but we focussed on two facets of love: love yourself and love others. The basis of our talk were quotes from the book: The 40 Rules of Love by Elif Shafak.

Love yourself

There are different ways to treat yourself with love, through language and behavior. It could help to plan a good routine in advance, but sometimes our life doesn’t work as we planned it. But even five minutes a day could help to treat yourself with more love.

There it doesn’t matter, what you do: take a shower, practice meditation, be more mindful. Everything counts.

Love Sketchnote Episode 4
©️ (no) routines, Madlen Peilke und Stefan Nemecek, Erfurt, Frankfurt am Main, September 2022.

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Take the plunge

It happens very often, that you have been disappointed. Every time you try to build up a new relationship you need to take the plunge. That is not easy but it’s worth the effort.

“You can only make good experiences if you try it again and again. Somewhen there will be the person that doesn’t hurt you again. Every person is different. Every Situation is different. Every point in life is different. I should not reflect from the past again into the present and not even in the future, because that prevents me from growing.”


Too often we reflect on the past the future and the present. Being present allows you to grow. And that’s the biggest matter. If you give something to others, something will come back. It doesn’t help to believe in your self-fulfilling prophecies.

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