Mindfulness: Episode 3

How mindful are you? What do you think? In Episode 3 we spoke a mindful life and our ways to include mindfulness in our day.

Mindfulness Sketchnote
©️ (no) routines, Stefan Nemecek and Madlen Peilke, Germany, 2022.

There are so many aspects of a mindful life. Some people think that this means to meditate. That could be, but meditation isn’t the only way of mindfulness. In the sketch note we involved all things, that could help you to follow the episode. In the following we will include some of the things, we took out from the episode.

What mindfulness means for us

To be in the present – that is the common understanding or definition of being mindful. We extracted some of the things we try to do in a mindful way.

  • standing up the morning
  • brushing teeth
  • eating breakfast
  • drinking coffee
  • driving a car
  • conversations
  • bullet journaling

There are so many more possibilities in our daily life. Here isn’t enough space to talk about all the things and mindfulness could be something different for every person.

Why it is not only in meditation

Some people think that meditation means to sit there with the known sound of an “Ommmmmm…”. That is only half of the truth. Meditation also can mean to ponder over a thing. If you do so, you need to be fully in the moment or the situation that bothers you. That is also mindful.

Making a cup of tea – in our example Matcha and green tea – could also be a mindful practice. You take your time and watch the tea and then enjoy it.

There were many more ideas in the community: nature, writing, time for you. Everything is allowed and possible, as long as you are fully present in the moment.

Why mindfulness can be luxury

That was the deepest part of our conversation. If you never had the possibility to live a mindful life, because other people prevent you from doing this, the time is now. We enjoy our mindful practice as a gift and it makes us more grateful for these moments. But mindfulness should never be a simple routine without any feelings. It is good to think about our mindfulness from time to time and to try new things.

Do you want a teaser?

Here you are:

©️ (no) routines, Stefan Nemecek and Madlen Peilke, Germany, 2022.

Now you want to listen to the full episode?

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Happy listening,

Stefan x Madlen

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