Patience: Episode 5

Finally, there is the 5. episode of our Podcast (no) routines. In this episode, we spoke about patience. Let’s dig deeper into this topic. And yes, you had to be patient, while waiting for the episode.

The patience sketchnote
©️ Stefan Nemecek and Madlen Peilke, (no) routines, Frankfurt, Erfurt, Germany, December 2022.

The meaning of patience

Impatience is a problem we all face from time to time. Some people have more problems. Some less. Our life is full of opportunities. We can choose if want to seize all the opportunities at once or if take every project step by step.

“Everyone has moments of patience.”, said Stefan in this episode. Yes, maybe. It depends on the willingness to cure impatience and the reason, why you want to be cured.

“Rome wasn’t build in a day. Yet they where laying bricks, every single hour.”

James Clear, Atomic Habits.

Every step to patience counts. There is no need to work on things in a day. That is what we spoke about, when we pondered over the quote by James Clear.

100% and more

100% – more isn’t possible technically. 150% is impossible. Sometimes there are days when you can’t even give 100%. But what you can give is your best every single day. It is important to stay mindful of this fact and reflect when enough is enough.

The rush of dopamine

Every like and reaction on social media gives a rush of dopamine. That is food for impatience and also to compare with others. The change comes, if you stop comparing yourself from others.

We are far from being “the gurus” on patience on the topic of patience or any other topic. We where searching for the root causes of our impatience and hoping, that we can give some impulses to think about patience, perfectionism and reflection.

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Happy listening.

Stefan and Madlen

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